NEW DELHI: Godrej Appliances on Thursday said it has ramped up its medical refrigerator production capacity for providing an end-to-end solution for the COVID-19 vaccine cold chain in the country.

“To cater to the urgent demand for COVID-19 vaccine storage in India, the brand has a range of vaccine refrigerators which operate in the precise temperature band of 2-8°C and now, also offers advanced medical freezers with cooling up to -20°C,” Godrej Appliances said in a statement.

These temperature ranges are completely suited for the multiple COVID-19 vaccines being evaluated by India, it added.

“Godrej Appliances has already ramped up medical refrigerator production capacity from 10,000 units per annum to 35,000 units per annum, to meet the growing demand,” the statement said.

The brand has received multiple orders worth Rs 150 crore from the central government, various state governments and international aid bodies as well, solely for the purpose of COVID-19 vaccine storage. It is also receiving enquiries from PSUs who are joining the immunization effort, it added.

“Over the years, Godrej Appliances has gained its expertise in refrigeration and has extended this further into the medical refrigeration domain. We are proud that this expertise is proving to be useful today in times when the country needs a strong vaccine cold chain and are glad to be able to contribute to the cause,” Godrej Appliances Business Head and Executive VPÂ Kamal Nandi said.

“Our medical refrigerators and also our medical freezers, deliver the precise cooling temperature of 2°C – 8°C and -20°C respectively, needed for the vaccines being evaluated by India at the moment,” he added.

Godrej Appliances is a business unit of the highly diversified Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd.

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