CHENNAI: A study by Atlassian Corporation has found that 83% of employees in India are still nervous about going back to office in the absence of a Covid-19 vaccine and with restrictions still in place across cities.

The study — Reworking Work: Understanding the Rise of Work Anywhere — also found that Indian employees were more likely to want to work completely from home (66%) than any other country surveyed.

Many reported a sense of ‘relief’ being free from the “usual presenteeism of the office environment.” 70% of people reported their job satisfaction is better than before Covid-19 restrictions. In fact, 61% of employees find it manageable to effectively work from home during the Covid-19 restrictions.

86% of employees thought the members of their team feel closer to each other now, and 75% thought their team worked better together compared to pre-Covid.

“The majority of Indian employees (89%) reported a feeling of unity and cohesion in their team. Another insightful revelation was that one in two (50%) of managers said their job security was much better now than before Covid-19,” the study said.

From an organisational perspective, 88% of Indian employees believed their company was already well prepared for returning to office, while 78% of the workforce in India were “annoyed that it took a pandemic to allow them to work from home.”

However, 81% of people in India say it’s more difficult to maintain boundaries between work and personal lives compared to 79% in Australia and 58% in the US.

The study, commissioned by Atlassian and conducted by Australian research agency PaperGiant, surveyed 1,425 Indian participants from tier 1, 2 and 3 cities over four weeks in October.

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